Special services

In addition to a wide range of aesthetic – beauty services, our salon also offers the following:

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Individual capillaries on the face are most successfully removed by radio-waves. After the intervention,crusts,as thick as the removed capillary, will remain on the skin. Usually, there is a need for two treatments with an interval of two months. If your capillaries are persistent, then it is better to treat them with a laser four times a month.

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peel is a medical aesthetic procedure with the help of certain chemical substances, most commonly acid, and is used for controlled removal (peeling)of skin layers and stimulation of its renewal.

Depending on how deep exfoliation is, we differ superficial, medium and deep chemical peels.

What changes in the skin are real indications for chemical peels?
+ Acne
+ Shallower wrinkles around the eyes
+ Deep wrinkles around the eyes and upper lip
+ Solar lentigo - small circular sports, mostly on the hands and face
+ Melasma - larger sports, irregular shape
+ Stretch marks, acne scars
+ Photoaging - skin aging as a result of chronic exposure to the sun

Application of chemical peels Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck, arms and legs.

What chemicals are used in peels?
+ Alpha-hydroxy acid
+ Trichloroacetic acid at various concentrations (TCA peels)

Relaxation massage is a gentle, soothing massage using manual techniques, which brings body relaxation.

Experience a wonderful feeling offered by this type of massage, which feeds, regenerates and awakens the vital force and restores harmony of the whole body. Through gentle stimulation of the energy points, the treatmant reduces tension, restores the flow of energy into balance, while fragrance oils give a pleasant feeling of relaxation and improve mood. In combination with the relaxation music, a complete relaxation is achieved through the sense of hearing and all sensory fields are gratified.

In our salon courses are held for a period of ten working days.

We offer trainings for the following occupations:

- manicure and upgrading (modeling) of nails;

- pedicure;

- makeup artist;

- beautician .

There are theoretical and practical trainings. For any of these services you choose, you will get all the necessary instructions with the script which describes all the methods and existing techniques as well as other useful tips for a better progress.

Practical training is carried with our material in the salon with an expert supervision. Training is on a high level since it is done in the salon where the trainees have the chance to experience the way our clients are treated and the way our professional service is provided. The certificate after the accomplished course is an inseparable part of the whole training process.