Cherish your tanned complexion in the last-generation tanning bed.

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Chocolate brown lamps are number one on the market. The secret of these lamps is that after the first round of tanning, customers immediately see the results of their natural chocolate-brown color. It is important to note that these were the first lamps on the market which did not cause reddening of the skin and which combine the effects of fast and deep tanning. Sunbathing under these lamps is healthier thanks to a new technology developed in 2009. Naimely, the spectrum of radiation produces effects only on the top layer of the skin epidermis, directly under the cornified layer of the epidermis. Radiation of these lamps makes much less damage to the natural collagen, leaving the cornified epidermis much less coarse. Thanks to this radiation, the production of melanin and tyrosine in the skin is more intensive and invokes much less intense immune process of the skin. Thus, the results are 3-4 days longer lasting.