Q SWITCHED Nd Yag laser

Removal of tattoos and capillaries, depigmentation…

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This treatment is intended for a gentle removal of the artificial pigment, regardless of whether it is a classic tattoo or permanent make-up. If you don’t like the shape or color of your pigmented lips or eyebrows, we offer a permanent solution. The basis of our method is the integrated concept of treatment, which consists of a combination of the most modern equipment and special products. It does not matter how old a tattoo is, which size, body part, shape or color. Each treatment is individually determined depending on the condition of the skin, tissue, pigmentation and place of the body part being treated.

No device is capable of breaking artificial pigments in the deep epidermis, or breaking down and destroying the color.

The appearance of dark spots - hyperpigmentation on the face is usually the result of so-called melasma, which usually occurs on the forehead, cheeks, chin and upper lip. In addition, the so-called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may appear on one’s face and other parts of the body, where the accumulation of pigment is the result of some former skin diseases (e.g. acne, eczema, lichen planus, etc.), and is often associated with subsequent exposure to the sun. Also, some substances, e.g. perfumes and some fruits and vegetables, can be combined with exposure to sunlight to induce phototoxic reaction that is manifested as dark spots on the skin.

Q-switched lasers are the newest generation of lasers designed for removing pigment contained in the third layer of skin. This type of laser removes pigment without any damage to the skin and represents an elective treatment of age spots, sun spots and all deep localised pigmentation. In our salon, treatments are done using the latest generation device, which allows the removal of pigmentation in the deep layers of the skin without damaging it.