Nourished nails accompany nourished hands. The beauty salon Medeja puts emphasis on the natural nail care. The analysis of a fingernail determines the adequate treatment and home care. With the best nail polish brands, your nails will look perfect with the decoration of your choice or simply a classic manicure. Manicure should be done by experienced people trained for that purpose, so as not to hurt or infect cuticles by improper approach. “Medeja” offers manicure services at a professional level.

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Care for your hands because they say a lot about you. Beauty Salon Medeja puts emphasis on natural nail care. The analysis of a fingernail determines adequate treatment and prolonged home care.

Customer needs and expectations influence the choice of technique. The type of woman and her hands’ appearance determine the ideal shape of nails.

Our salon offers the following gel nail techniques:
- False nail tips
- Gel nail molding (transparent, french manicure)
- Gel reinforcement (modeling) of natural nails
- Reinforcement (modeling) with antifungal gels
- Reinforcement (modeling) with nail color gels
- Reinforcement (modeling) with camouflage gels

Spa Manicure helps you enjoy every moment of the treatment which offers all the luxury of the scents that will follow you for a long time. An exclusive spa manicure will refresh the look of your hand with a specially designed pilling containing the salt crystals from the ocean depths, almond oil, jojoba, peach kernel and soybean. This is followed by massage and a mask rich in vitamins that revitalize the skin of your hands.

This type of nail polish is obtained by crossbreeding nail polish and gel, and its advantage is a combination of resins and polymers that protect the nails. It is applied using the technique of painting over natural nails while the drying process has been improved by using the UV light. This unique gel polish comes in a wide range of colors. It lasts for 2-3 weeks, with no chipping of the nails or coming off of the color. After 3 weeks, you can remove it by soaking the nails for a few minutes.

Elegant, silly, "cool" or classic ... Be yourself with your own style. There are countless alternatives to decorate your nails, and you can choose the best decoration that matches your personality and your way of dressing!!

Hands are the most exposed to the influence of all external factors. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to their skin’s hydration, because it loses moisture faster than any other other body part. Moisturizers can serve as a short-term nourishment solution, but they do not have deep moisturizing effect. Paraffin packs for hands and feet are great for hydration. Your hands will be smooth and their skin fresher, which is especially desirable in case you would like to show off beautiful fingernails on your hands.