Makeup is an agreement between nature and desire. It introduces us to the magical world of color and movement, creates a magic that stirs fluttering excitement. Since its original historical application related to religious ritual until the present day, when this ritual turns into the art of seduction, one thing is certain – every woman looks forward to using it. In order for make-up to give the expected maximum, you should surrender to the skilled hands of a professional and together with them let yourself be pampered in the world of color, shape and good mood.

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Permanent make-up is the permanence of pigments temporarily entered into the skin.

Color pigments are antiseptic, anti-allergic and in accordance with the European law on medical products. The most important difference from TATTOO is a much gentler style of work, the special quality of color and shallow depth of insertion. The colors are set independently and acorded to the color of hair and complexion.

Softup-method - gentle tamping!

The simplest and gentlest way of applying permanent color into the skin. The structure of the needle is designed to provide maximum comfort and quick recovery with little or no correction at all. The most natural appearance (shading, powder technique)

Hairs on the eyebrows can be modelled to complement where there is a lack of natural hairs, fine lines of eyeliner or highlight of the lashes can be done as well.
The treatment also provides upper and lower eyeliner lines in different thicknesses.
Lip lines, lip shading, and other combinations are also available.

The treatment is performed without an applicator, everything is sterile and extremely pleasant. All needles are made of surgical quality materials and fully polished for the finest and gentlest application of a pigment. The material used is disposable.
The method is used at Mayo and Cleveland clinics and in many dermatological clinics and clinics for plastic surgery.

Permanent Japanese eyebrow technique involves inserting pigment by a blade. This is a unique method that gives a completely natural look.

In the beauty salon Medeja, we will suggest you the perfect eyebrow shape that fits your face shape before the above mentioned technique. This means two completely equal eyebrows in length, height and thickness. The process of drawing is carried out at a maximum of sterile conditions. We use the highest quality pigments.

You will no longer need mascara with the new, silky lashes that build on your natural eyelashes using the new method to achieve natural, and yet true Hollywood looks!

The new method of extending eyelashes using silk fibers gives you that nice, seductive glance and a mysterious look, also alowing you to swim, sunbathe, shower...wink ... without the fear of losing them. The only thing you need to do is correct them from time to time. Just like natural hairs, eyelashes too have a natural life cycle, so when an eyelash falls off, a new one grows out in its place. Thus, silk eyelashes do not fall off the natural ones, but along with them, which is why you need to build a new silk eyelash onto the natural eyelash. On average, it takes a month to supplement them.

The treatment is painless and takes between one and two hours, depending on the number of lashes that are being corrected. For correction, it is important to know you should have no makeup, because makeup makes the application of fibers difficult, just like any cream applied to the eye zone and eyelashes would. Your natural eyelashes will not be damaged.

False eyelashes were invented back in 1916 by the American film producer DWGriffith. He wanted to emphasize the eyes of an actress in the filming of a silent movie. Today the lash production has developed, with innovative technologies in their application. There are several types of artificial eyelashes, among which are the following:

Individual lashes

Most women want thick and long eyelashes. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your eyelashes and mascara does not give good enough results, there is a possibility of applying false eyelashes.

Individual eyelashes are glued on over the whole upper eyelid and they are good for gala receptions, because they give the full effect of a pronounced and profound glance, especially since the choice is great in terms of design and color. There are even lower eyelashes. This is an older, but unavoidable, method of applying false lashes.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows are the frame for your eyes. They can completely improve the appearance of your eyes and face, but it's very important to match their color with the color of your hair. Therefore, women who dye their hair need to adjust the eyebrow color to the color of their hair and complexion, so that the eyebrows are one to two shades darker. With the correct eyebrow shapes that determine facial expression, you can look younger because it is eyebrows that express your character.

If you want nice lashes, eyelash perm is the right solution. After that you will forget curlers and a thick layer of mascara!

The treatment lasts for 30 minutes and the effect for a few months. The method does not damage the skin, nor eyelashes. It can be applied to short, thin, long  and disobedient eyelashes.

A special screwdriver deploys every lash, prevents contact between the eyes and the gel and curls the lashes from root to tip.