Facial treatments

Genetics, lifestyle, emotions, climate, hormonal changes … many factors affect your skin type. We suggest an individual program tailored to the state and beauty needs of your skin. You can get highly professional beauty treatments using world-renowned cosmetic products and latest-generation devices in our salon by highly qualified staff.

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Facial hygienic treatment is a common and well-established term for skin cleansing and pore purification. The treatment includes obligatory exfoliation (according to the skin type), massage and lymphatic drainage of the face, neck and décolleté (if applicable), pH balance (which is extremely important for the normal functioning of the skin), comedoexpression (by hand or by means of a pimple extractor), deep ozonation and disinfection, the soothing mask and, finally, the skin care creams.

Of all skin types, oily skin is the most sensitive because of higher activity of the sebaceous glands which increases the possibility of clogging the skin pores. If dirt gets into the pores, the dead skin cells and bacteria remain closed there and red bumps, known as pimples, appear on the skin. The occurrence of acne is also normal for this type of skin. Oily skin is caused by genetic factors and body hormones, whose imbalance lead to the creation of excessive sebum. One of the advantages of oily skin is that it ages more slowly because of the higher level of hydration, compared with dry or sensitive skin, and it remains young for a longer time. The most important step in the oily skin care is a thorough cleansing.

With the reduced surface lipid layer, the skin becomes dry, pale, thin and delicate. This type of skin reacts to temperature changes, becomes irritable, prone to flaking, itching, redness, and early formation of wrinkles. The main goal in treating this type of skin is hydration, skin nutrition, stimulation of collagen and elastin in order to prevent premature aging of the skin and reduce the likelihood of these problems typical for dry skin. The nutrients of this treatment quickly revitalize the skin and regenerate its hydro-lipid layer.

The treatment is aimed at persons with sensitive skin, regardless of age and skin type. After gentle exfoliation, the care preparations with a soothing effect on irritated skin are applied providing its regeneration with each new treatment. For permanent results, sensitive skin should be continuously cared for because such skin is susceptible to the constant changes in the environment. This is a treatment to soothe and gently stimulate sensitive and irritated skin so that it could find its comfort.

The treatment is aimed at stimulation of the natural process of hydration, deep fixation and retention of moisture. However, the retention of water as a source of constant beauty is not an easy job because of the daily eating habits and lack of physical activity.

Our body loses water every day, and therefore our skin loses its tenderness, shine and softness. If you do not compensate for the loss of water, it can cause damage to the skin, which is expressed as: gray, coarse skin which looks older than it really is.

Exposure to sun also causes dehydration of the skin, especially the face as being the most exposed to external environmental factors. The intense skin hydration treatment establishes natural mechanism for the protection of cell membranes and prevents moisture loss caused by climatic variations and thermal shocks. After the treatment, the skin looks fuller and visibly refreshed while the wrinkles are lessened.

Encapsulated oxygen enables tissue oxygenation, eliminates toxins and revives cells. Skin oxygenation treatment supplies necessary substances that protect epidermis, dermis and elastic fibers against free radicals and regenerates damaged tissue. After the treatment, changes in texture, color and appearance of the skin are evident.

Rich in active substances such as proteins and biopeptids of plant origin, this treatment acts with multiple effects on the skin: dermo-relaxation, the effect of BOTOX, relaxation of facial muscles and restructuring action to stimulate the tissue regeneration. Its regular application makes the mimic wrinkles disappear, and your skin obtains a visibly better structure, tone and radiance.

Rich in active substances such as proteins and biopeptids of plant origin, this treatment acts with multiple effects on the skin: dermo-relaxation, the effect of BOTOX, relaxation of facial muscles and restructuring action to stimulate the tissue regeneration. Its regular application makes the mimic wrinkles disappear, and your skin obtains a visibly better structure, tone and radiance.

Proper care is the most important factor in the skin care, delaying of the aging process and development of wrinkles. In order tosolve every skin problem, it is important to address the problem properly and individually. Multivitamin treatments supply the skin with vitamins which represent the most powerful antioxidants and Retinol which improves skin regeneration, normalizes the processes in the epithelium and increases the activity of stem cells to produce collagen and elastin.

This is a treatment which can slow the process of aging. Concentrated vitamin preparations in ampoules are applied to the skin and, by means of the ultrasound, penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. Besides nourishing, these treatments also have antioxidant effects and protect the skin from free radicals.

Special occasions require special treatments to prepare the skin and increase the festive mood. Or, you may simply want a very quick treatment with a stunning effect? The skin will respond with glowing radiance. Flash treatment is a time-saving treatment thanks to which great results are achieved.

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive area of the face and therefore the signs of aging are initially reflected here. That is why we offer special treatments, whose mission is to supply the skin of the eye zone with all the substances necessary for regeneration. The massage works on the orbicular muscles around the eyes in order to increase their tone and give new firmness. In combination with certain preparations, this treatment provides very good effects and currently visible results. It is recommended to younger people as a preventive against wrinkles, as well as to older people in the fight against the swollen eyelids and "bags" under the eyes, and also as part of the regular anti-aging care.

Alongside classic eye-zone treatment, we also perform apparative treatments of this region, i.e. mesoporation or radiowave eye-zone skin tightening. Mesoporation means inserting mixtures of nutrients into the deep layer of the skin thus nourishing, hydrating skin and compensating for deficiencies in that area. By applying radiowaves the "lifting" effect is achieved, so it is rewarding to do a combination of both, depending on your needs.

Fruit acids have been used in cosmetics for many years to reduce the expanded pores, skin pigmentation (sun spots, freckles, ...) as well as acne scars. This treatment is mainly intended for those who want to quickly and effectively improve the texture, color and overall appearance of the skin. AHA perform deep cleansing of pores and chemical peel of the skin's surface, and stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Certain chemical substances are applied onto the skin for controlled peeling of the skin layers in order to effect its regeneration. Some of the beneficial effects of fruit acids:
-stimulate the renewal and regeneration of the skin;
-restore moisture and vitality to the dehydrated skin;
-eliminate small, superficial wrinkles;
-fade pigmentation spots and soften acne scars;
-perform cleansing, reduce enlarged pores in oily and impure skin and lead to a general improvement of the complexion; also reduce the risk of re-inflammation.


Fall and winter are the best times to perform the treatment because peeling itself makes the skin extremely sensitive to UV radiation, which is why this treatment is not done in the summer.


There are three types of chemical peels: superficial, medium deep and deep; the appropriate chemical peel is determined depending on the depth of skin damage and based on the client's age and skin type.
In the process of skin regeneration, superficial peels are the most popular because their action gives excellent results and requires no additional recovery time. This procedure allows for replacing of the removed layer with the new layer of healthy skin.


Statistics argues that most women after the age of 30 have skin imperfections such as acne, enlarged pores, pimples, and at the same time appear the first signs of aging - wrinkles.

Are you tired of constantly thinking about wrinkles, stains and loosen skin that were not there before?

You are afraid of old age and physical appearance that it brings? Or you are thinking to indulge yourself in the normal course of aging?

From now on aging does not have to be a problem.

Take matters into your own hands when they hit an indication of aging, slow them down and do not let them discourage you!

You can look prettier and younger!

The saying goes: "You're young, as much as you feel young!"

New collagen induction therapy, which is unbelievably popular even in Hollywood, can be the right solution for you!

Collagen induction therapy is a minimally invasive technique that naturally raises the level of collagen in the skin. The main objective of the operation is to stimulate the body to produce collagen. This is achieved by inducing microtrauma of the skin (of dermis), which leads to the activation process of self healing, and increased production of fibroblasts, which turns into collagen and elastic fibers. This process is called neo-collagen. It is clinically confirmed that the level of collagen increases up to 10 times.

At the same time it increases the blood supply of the skin by creating new capillaries (neo-angiogenesis).

Another positive effect is enhanced penetration of products that are applied to the skin (up to 40 times).

To achieve the full effect of the therapy, it is necessary to take a while because the body needs time to create new collagen, but the first results are visible after 7 to 10 days.

The advantage of this exfoliation is that in addition to the aforementioned ingredients, it contains growth factors, antioxidants and other components that accelerate regenerative processes and prevent hyperpigmentation.

The most common indications for the use of peels are acne, pigmentation (after pregnancy, after acne or other spots or pigmentation), photoaged skin, wrinkles, dry skin, tired face (smoker's face).