Depilation removes unwanted hair. The advantage of depilation is that the skin stays smooth for 2-4 weeks, and new hairs are thinner and less frequent than before. Waxing is not recommended one week before and during the cycle. The feeling of pain is individual and minimal if waxing is performed in a proper and professional way. We offer waxing using cold and hot wax.

Cold waxing is done using many types of waxes depending on the skin type. For intimate waxing, disposable hot wax is used.

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Hot waxing has been long present, but inevitable, technique for hair removal. The heated liquid wax is applied with a wooden or plastic spatula, and for this reason it is best not to risk performing these treatments at home; there is always a risk of burns (if the wax is not heated to the optimal temperature). It is best to leave this to the hands of skilled professionals in beauty salons.

Hot waxing has numerous advantages:
-hairs are drawn out with the roots, so they need more time to regrow;
-in addition to waxing, hot wax provides exfoliation effect to your skin because it also takes off the dead layers of the epidermis.

Cold waxing is pleasant because high quality waxes (DEPILEVE) are used, as well as the accompanying cosmetics and accessories for the preparation of treatment for almost painless waxing. In addition, we use skin-nourishing oils, which have been specially designed to treat the skin after waxing. This form of hair removal is recommended for all women and men who have a fear of infection, because the cold wax cartridges can be used only once. So, there is no possibility of getting an infection.

We offer waxing of the following regions:
-upper lip hairs and chin,
-sideburns and whole face,
-half legs and half arms
-whole legs
-whole legs and bikini area
-armpits, abdomen
-whole men's legs/arms
-men’s arms, abdomen, chest and shoulders
-men’s back

Sugar waxing is one of the oldest methods of depilation. Sugar, water and lemon juice make sugar paste that is used for hair removal. Its composition is completely natural, with no preservatives, additives, adhesives and paints.

When waxing with sugar paste, there is no rupture of the capillaries and irritation (skin stays smooth and velvety), the process is less painful than a regular waxing.

Sugar waxing benefits are: pasta is not hot and so does not damage the skin, it only removes dead cells ie. acts as a gentle exfoliation. Reduces the number of ingrown hairs. Enables the removal of very short hairs (shorter than 2 mm), which is a big advantage over other methods of depilation. The hairs treated with sugar paste grow less frequently, lighter and softer, and are thinned after 4-6 weeks. Over time, the hair follicle and its root are completely weakened, resulting in an almost complete cessation of growth. This method is special because it removes up to 90% of the hair from the root.

It is especially recommended for waxing sensitive areas such as the groins, armpits, face and hands as well as for people with sensitive skin.