Body treatments

Respect your body and please it – it will remember and respond with even better results. Massage is one of the best ways to do this. In addition to face care, it is important to cultivate the body, provide it with necessary nourishment and solve the problem of tired legs and sore points with quality treatments. Feel the smoothness of your skin upon a mere touch and enjoy a range of aromatic scents within each treatment. Visit our salon and feel for yourself the relaxing and nourishing powers of our top-quality products.

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Relaxation massage is a gentle, soothing massage using manual techniques, which brings body relaxation.

Experience a wonderful feeling offered by this type of massage, which feeds, regenerates and awakens the vital force and restores harmony of the whole body. Through gentle stimulation of the energy points, the treatmant reduces tension, restores the flow of energy into balance, while fragrance oils give a pleasant feeling of relaxation and improve mood. In combination with the relaxation music, a complete relaxation is achieved through the sense of hearing and all sensory fields are gratified.

Connective massage is a form of intense massage that aims at releasing myofascial restrictions in the body, and effects the disruption of the restrictive skin tissue. It is also known to help in the treatment of chronic tension, to increase the level of physical movement improve posture and enhance the natural harmony of the entire body and mind.

Connective massage is a combination of techniques borrowed from the Swedish massage. The pressure applied by the therapist during the massage is more intense, and even massage oil or lotion is not used in the usual way.

Connective massage strokes are slower and stronger, tending to warm the muscles and penetrate into their deeper layers.

During the treatment, by applying deep intense movements the therapist will focus on the release of tension from the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue structures. This massage influences an improved posture, balance, movement, and leads to muscle relaxation.

Classic manual body massage appears exotic and more pleasant with the addition of aromatic oils. Essential oils have been used for 5000 years and represent an elixir of youth, life, health and beauty.

The word "aroma" means fragrance and is of Greek origin; therapy means treatment; thus, an aroma therapy stands for a treatment using aromatic oils combined with massage movements. Besides the effect of relaxation and reduction of muscle tension, this massage has a great effect on the complete physical and psychological health, as various aromas and friendly environment with appropriate music are known to positively affect mood and reduce stress.

Sports massage speeds up recovery after a workout, warms up and softens the tissues, aligns the muscle fibers, improves circulation, speeds up the discharge of waste matter and lactic acid from the body.

Sports massage keeps muscles healthy, flexible, less susceptible to injury, increases range of motion, strength of injured muscles, speeds up the process of strengthening, improves blood circulation and makes us more willing to make better performance in sports and life's challenges.

Royal massage is a specific direction in creativity, placed in front of two therapists with similar sensibilities and four arms. This is a specific way of dancing hands where one creates a movement and the other simultaneously follows.

By listening to the vibrations of the body and recognizing the client's blockades, the therapists simultaneously and in a balanced way create the relaxing effect on the left and right sides of the body. In this way, the stimulation of blood circulation and lymph flow is balanced on both sides of the body, the load on the heart is reduced to a minimal extent, a sense of unity and indivisibility of the body is fully revealed. In our ambience, with appropriate music, you will experience an absolute delight!

Lymph is a colorless circulatory liquid in the vertebrate which accounts for nearly 25% of the human body weight. It fills all the intercellular spaces and acts as an intermediary between the blood and the tissues in a way that it transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the tissue capillaries and collects the harmful products of metabolism and carbon dioxide.

The lymph is a fluid with a composition similar to the blood plasma and lymphocytes from the group of leukocytes, i.e. white blood cells. It results from the separation of blood plasma and one portion of leukocytes from the blood. The lymph’s flow to the heart is very slow and varies from 2 to 4 liters in an hour. The lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes and lymph vessels that branch throughout the body, similar to the blood vessels. The lymphatic system plays a major role in the immune system and the production of antibodies because it circulates the lymph back into the blood, where the lymph is filtered from damaged cells and bacteria, and produces immune cells.

Lymphatic drainage therapy is intended to stimulate the free flow of lymph in the lymph system. It is performed by manual massage that primarily focuses on specific lymph nodes and points on the body, following its natural flow. The main goal of this treatment is to remove the blockage and retention of fluids, generally along the upper and lower extremities. It is used for inflammation and swelling of muscles and joints, after placing implants and liposuction. It is an indispensable therapy for the malfunction of digestive tract such as constipation, lazy bowels and flatulence.

Lymphatic drainage is preventive detoxification, excellent in maintaining existing healthy state of the body, and it is strongly recommended to pregnant women. Today, this massage is widely used for facial cosmetic purposes, mostly in reducing bags under the eyes, double chin and after various cosmetic procedures.

About 85% of women get cellulite at some point in life, most often accompanying major hormonal fluctuations, such as pregnancy and puberty, regardless of the activity or sport weight.

In addition to genetics, the modern way of life is one of the major causes of cellulite. This phenomenon occurs in the subcutaneous adipose tissue (hypodermis) and extends into the medial layer of skin (dermis). Fat cells are grouped into globules and connected by the connective tissue made of collagen and elastin. Blood and lymphatic vessels pass between them. The process starts by increasing of cellulite fat cells, which creates pressure on capillaries and the surrounding tissue, and thus interferes with the circulation, which manifests itself as "orange peel" i.e. cellulite.

Anti-cellulite massage acts to induce lymph circulation and remove excess liquid. Essential oils used in the massage dissolve fat deposits that have accumulated unevenly. Massage influences the breaking of fat cells.

Hot stone massage is actually not a new method. It was used back in the ancient history of men, in rituals, healing ... and massages. The Egyptians and Indians were known to have used volcanic rocks because the stone is a very good accumulator of the thermal energies and its carrier. Volcanic rocks (i.e. stones from the heart of the earth) have geomagnetic properties which, in contact with the body, have a very positive effect and cure it both at the site of contact and the whole body.

Special light and deep rhythmic massage movements combined with appropriate oils and heated stones create a feeling of harmony and balance in the body, reduce stress and relax muscles.

This massage is a special type of massage, which is performed with warm oils and rhythmic movements. With its properties, massage with warm oils stimulates the body thus preventing many diseases. At the same time, it relaxes and therefore represents a massage for regeneration and pain relief.

During massage, the therapist uses long, deep and intense movement pressures, in order to achieve the level of relaxation of tense muscles. Massage with warm oils relieves the body of stress and helps restore balance in the body and the free flow of energy. The oils used have intense aroma securing improved blood circulation, relaxation of body and mind - the overall vitality.

This treatment includes complete relaxation and it will rebalance your energy, refresh you, strengthen and return the energy to your body and mind.

Massage with herb compress or hot cotton bolus' is one of the special techniques which is an integral part of modern anti-stress programs. Bolus bags are filled with herbs and their specific aromas have a calming and relaxing effect. This technique is "PINDA SWEDA" and is one of the earliest techniques in Ayuverda.

Massage is done by warmed bolus bags in order to heat the whole body, resulting in easing your energy blockades and pain relieving.

Hot chocolate massage nourishes and regenerates the skin, provides a vital force and brings you back into perfect harmony. Wonderful sense of highest quality chocolate on your skin has relaxing effect on mind and senses through scent as aromatherapy. Gentle relaxation massage relieves tension and stress, and the smell of chocolate will totally relax you and certainly lift your spirits. Cocoa, the main ingredient of the preparation, contains polyphenols that bind free radicals and neutralize them and thus protect the skin from premature aging. It contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and amino acids which lead to the formation of serotonin also known as a happiness hormone, and endorphins which alleviate pain.

An anti-stress massage is a combination of relaxing and therapeutic massage, in which are used specially selected essential oils and bolus bags filled with aromatic herbs, thanks to which this massage has the characteristic of aroma therapy. This massage achieves a positive and stimulating effect on the central nervous system, and thus has a positive effect on mental processes, i.e. significantly reduces nervous tension and stress.

Foot reflexology is a holistic therapeutic treatment by which is balancing of vital energy achieved through foot massage (specific reflex points). There are 10 channels in reflexology, known as zones, extending from head to fingertips and toes, and vice versa. Each zone is associated with a particular zone of the body and organs of that zone. Reflex points of all organs and body parts are located on feet. By pressing on precise reflex points, the therapist obtain the information about the state of an appropriate body organ – if the place is pressure-sensitive, what the texture of the skin is, small lumps that can be detected, or if a reflex point is “weakened".

Soft and shiny skin is every woman’s wish. It is important to dedicate sufficient time and afford the care it deserves, because it is the most exposed organ of our body.

To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to regularly remove impurities from it, primarily from its upper layer. Exfoliation is a very good solution to thoroughly clean the skin, which is the basis of skin care in general. With the removal of excess dead tissue, the natural regeneration of the skin's surface is stimulated gradually achieving the effect of softness and shine. The number and frequency of treatments depend on skin type and the type of peel.

Body treatment package, accorded to the needs of the skin, consists of various mixtures of algae, clay and essential oils. This is one of the oldest methods of skin care and dates back to the time of Cleopatra. Packages usually have a thermal effect so that active ingredients and heat can accelerate blood circulation, widen pores, speed up metabolism, particularly the secretion of harmful substances from the body. The extremely efficient effect on the skin and subcutaneous tissue is manifested by restored elasticity and tone, and thus the youthful appearance of the skin, giving the skin a long-lasting feeling of smoothness and tightness. Active ingredients penetrate the surface layers of the skin and affect the stimulation of cell processes important for overall health.


Body mesotherapy is a method where adequate products are applied to the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

U zavisnosti od potrebe, mezoterapija tela se primenjuje za uklanjanje lokalizovanih masnih naslaga, redukciju celulita, za zatezanje, odnosno podmlađivanje kože i stimulaciju mišića.

Depending on your needs, body mesotherapy is applied to remove localized fat, cellulite reduction, straining i.e. rejuvenating the skin and muscle stimulation.
At the same time, it is an amazing body antioxidant.


The process is simple and the results are very good. It is the local application of selected cocktails which are determined by the doctor after the examination. Series of about 10 treatments are recommended.

To make the results more effective, the treatment is combined with anti-cellulite massage.

Skin tightening is carried out according to the same principle as the reduction of cellulite, except that the different mesotherapy cocktail is applied.
The first effects are visible after 3 treatments, where the skin is tighter and has a beautiful, rejuvenated look.

It is recommended for the women who just had delivery, after the body weight reduction, in order to correct the extra, loose skin, as well as tightening the upper arms, thighs, gluteus and inner side of the knee.


Each and every day we witness increase in the number of obese people. There are some people who are successful in adoption of proper hygiene-dietetic habits and whose desire to be healthy, lean and attractive is strong enough so they manage to stick to the desired goal, i.e. they succeed in bringing their weight to an ideal one. However, we have seen too often that although someone achieved weight loss and desired weight, the critical lipid regions which still remained the same destroyed the ideal of a harmonious and attractive figure. The most common problem among women are hips, thighs, stomach and arms, while in most cases in men the critical region is stomach. Large abdominal girth (not just an aesthetic problem but a health issue as it is directly associated with high risk health) is in direct proportion to the risk of cardiovascular disease.


A lipolysis treatment consists of lipolytic application with microinjections directly into the fatty tissue, and in the next month it melts and removes unwanted fat. After application a sense of itching and redness of the treated region appears in the next day or two. Some bruises may occur too, but disappear in just a few days. During the next month, after the injection of lipolytic cocktail, it is necessary that the patient adheres to a healthy diet and does not consume alcohol.


Lipolysis treatment can be called "non-surgical liposuction" because it acts locally in a similar manner as surgery – removes the local problem, i.e. removes local fat deposits. Thus, a series of 2-6 treatments remove fat from desired locations, thanks to substances that lead to the destruction of fat cells. This means that lipolysis treatment reduces the number of fat cells, which is extremely important because there is no yo-yo effect. It should be emphasized that common diet without lipolysis treatment does not decrease the number of fat cells. In that case, the cells are only getting smaller while we are losing weight, i.e. they "pump out", and we know very well how easily they could again "pump up". During one month, the girth may be reduced to 5-10 cm. Lipolysis treatment should be repeated every 2-6 weeks from 2-6 times.


The active substances are injected directly into the fatty tissue and they act synergistically to fat loss in the following way:

  • They melt fat cell membrane and release lipid droplets (fatty acids);
  • They hydrolyze fatty acids and make them soluble in the fluid environment;
  • Fatty acids which are out of the fat cells are signal that macrophages (scavengers of our body) rapidly come to the place of action and carry fatty acids to the liver, where they continue to metabolize.

Contraindications for the application of lipolyses treatment are pregnancy, breast-feeding, active malignant and autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases.

Before the treatment, a detailed physical examination and discussion with the patient must be done in order to make individually customized treatment regimen and achieve the best effect.