About Us

“I have been proudly welcoming generations of clients, enjoying those who have been with me since the very beginnings of my work, the significant year of 1990. Experience that has been developed over the years of hard work and patience still continues to grow. I often find myself wondering where to stop or continue in the world of cosmetics; then I realize what enormous pleasure I get from the job that I have been doing for all these years. I have built the team, the tradition and the recognizable name Medeja in my own, unique way.”

Sincerely yours, Ljiljana Mitić Vasić – beauty therapist and salon owner.

Years of dedicated research and development at home and abroad, the latest technology in cosmetics, permanent training of staff in international seminars and conferences, as well as continuous monitoring of innovation in the world of cosmetics, through investments in new appliances and preparations guarantee expertise in providing cosmetic services.

The year 2015 is very important for us as we opened another cosmetic salon in our town Medeja Bulevar. Pleasant atmosphere, professional staff, the latest technologies in cosmetics are definitely the reasons to choose and stay with us. We offer many face and body treatments, manicure and pedicure services, professional make-up, permanent make-up, Softup, Japanese technique of eyebrow drawing (microblading), as well as the treatments with most modern cosmetic appliances.

Experience and professionalism, highly-qualified staff, team work and creation of individual treatments maintain the great relation with our clients.

It is also important to emphasise our cooperation with experts from the fields of dermatology, physiology, plastic surgery and along with professional preparations and manual techniques, we can make everybody satisfied, even those most demanding.

Join us and become a part of our traditional and recognisable name Medeja!

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