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Prostheses instead of surgical interventions


14. March 2017. 13:52

Prostheses instead of surgical interventions

Podoloske proteze Medeja

New, no surgical method used in all types of ingrown toenails and all deformities of the nail plate.

We work with three painless types of prostheses on the nail plate. They make space for the nail to grow normally without ingrowth into surrounding tissues, correct the deformity of the nail, and most importantly, facilitate your walk.

Prostheses we work with are:

1. 3TO prostheses
2. PODOfix
3. COMBIped

3TO prostheses are used for ingrown nails and other deformities of the nail plate. This type of prostheses slightly raises the nail plate from the surrounding tissue, where there is an ingrowth, not allowing the edges to cut the tissue.

PODOfix is adaptable to all forms of nails, exists in different sizes and there is no age limit for its use.

Prostheses are intended for all who have problems with ingrown nails, regardless of the gender, age, as well as for diabetics.

Advantages of the prostheses:

-Easy and gentle therapy
-Excellent grip buckles for individual shaping
- No limitations in daily work and sport
-Excellent alternative to surgery

Note: The prostheses are comfortable and painless and do not cause allergic reactions.





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