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New!!! Fractional RF microneedle


13. February 2017. 10:48

New!!! Fractional RF microneedle

The most advanced treatment with fractionated radio frequency (RF) in Cosmetology!

When the skin is damaged, it reacts with self-defense. The process of healing involves the creation of the new amount of collagen and collagen is exactly what we need for rejuvenation, regeneration and remodeling of the skin. As none of us are prone to injuring themselves, experts in the field of technology in cosmetics have taken out a patent on a device with fractionated radiofrequency (combination of derma rollers, derma foam and radio waves), which helps the skin to produce collagen itself without causing any damage.

We will briefly try to explain the way this device operates and also to explain what “fractionated” means.

Imagine a small skin area of just one square centimeter, and on it a lot of tiny dots (micro wounds), almost invisible on the surface. These dots are created by the RF fraxel applicator, which has 25, 49 or 81 micro needles, depending on the region of skin to be treated, thus releasing the RF current into the skin. The current in the deeper layers of the skin which creates micro wounds which the skin heals by creating a new tissue. This process is invisible from the outside.

At the first glance, what is visible on the surface of the skin is a dotted redness, which fades after a few days, while the miniature scabs, barely visible to the naked eye, are created. When a thin layer of concealer is applied, these wounds remain unnoticed, and they completely disappear after three to ten days. The skin then stays clean, bright and flatter. The real thing happens, however, only after four weeks pass, when the invisible process within the skin has been finished, meaning, when new collagen around the wounds is created , that “pumps” skin from the inside and smoothes fine lines on the outside thus giving a brighter, healthier and younger appearance of the entire face.

The treatment takes about twenty minutes and the previous experiences go in favor of the results of this technology used when performing the treatments for rejuvenation, mitigation and removal of wrinkles, sagging skin, pores, active acne and scars remained from the acne, scars, stretch marks, skin damage caused by the Sun, equalization of the skin’s structure color. This treatment also has the volumizing effect on the skin. For the full effect to be achieved, between three to five treatments are recommended at the interval of one month.


In addition to the treatment with micro needles, this device also has the applicator for thermal RF treatment. Its purpose is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and it is designed for customers who want face-lift and who also want to have non-invasive skin treatment. This treatment is designed as an alternative for the invasive cosmetic face procedures and for those who wish a fast recovery of their skin. Thermal RF skin treatment does not require from the clients who practice it to have any delay in performing everyday activities.

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